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Return Man

In this game, you step into the shoes of the titular return man. Your goal is simple enough — run the length of the field, get to the opposing team's goal line and score a TD. In order to do so, you'll have to endure an avalanche of NPC players hellbent on tackling you At the very beginning of the game, you'll be able to rely only on your reflexes and some speed boost power-ups scattered throughout the field. Once you manage to score a touchdown, the game moves on to the next play. When you get tackled, you lose a possession. If you fumble your way through four possessions, it's time to hit the showers.

As you continue your progress through the game, you'll be able to unlock some special moves that will help your chances of making it to the goal line. These special moves can only be used once per play, but they are a tremendous aid in blowing past opposing defenders. You'll certainly need them, since the game only gets harder and harder. Even the starting levels are not afraid of throwing a ridiculous amount of NPC players at you, so there's certainly a lot of challenge here.

You control your return man with the I, J and L keys. There's no key for running backwards, since that would always be a bad idea. The special moves are activated by using the A (juke), S (hurdle) and D (afterburner) keys. There are five different trophy levels, with the final one requiring 42,000 points to obtain. Needless to say, you will have to score a lot of touchdowns to achieve this feat.

Return Man might seem somewhat unsophisticated at first glance, but there's a lot of skill needed to advance in it Knowing how and when to use your teammates, abilities and special moves is not something that can be figured out quickly. Luckily, the game is fun enough that you'll keep coming back for more anyway. If you are a football fan, do yourself a favor and check this game out