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Return Man 3 The Season

Let the games begin
Tired of all those online arcade-type football video games that just don't live up to your expectations? The graphics are low-end, as are the ability to personalize your game play. Well, now you can enjoy an action-packed reality-based football game that will not only live up to your expectations, but exceed them as well by challenging you at an assortment difficulty levels.

From the moment, you start your game play, Return Man 3 The Season will allow you to customize your video characterization. By starting as a novice at week one, entitled "Opening Week," you will attempt to reach various levels to go on to the next week. Each week has 3-4 different levels until you finally reach Week 15, "Super Monday."

The object of this game is quite simple. You as the star football player's job is to catch the football within the yellow circle on the screen. Once the football is caught you must scurry down the field to the end zone for a winning touchdown. It may sound easy, but there will be some challenges along the way (marauding defenders, mud puddle obstacles, and more). Be careful not to fumble, if you do, try to recover before your opponent does. Much like real football, the action is reality-packed.

Unlike other games, the lifelike football characters seem to come to life as you carve your way up the field attempting to score a goal (while attempting to sidestep defensive opponents). There are various field moves that are unlocked as you move through the levels. Moves such as stiff arm„ front flip, hurdle, spin bulldozer and much more will enhance your gaming skills and move you up to the next level.

Your variable key control features allow you to run forward, run left or right, run up or down the field allowing you to zig-zag past your opponents.

So, try us today, we are sure that your gaming experience will be a memorable and action-packed one. Return Man 3 The Season, on a computer, iPad, or mobile screen near you.