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Return Man Wideout

The kickoff in the NFL is one of the most exciting plays in the game. With the help pt his teammates, the kick returner has the chance to score a quick touchdown for his team. This one play can change the course of the game.

In the Return Man series, a web-based game, found on, players can simulate what this experience is like as they take the role of the titular player on the field The controls Return Man series offers a basic, but at the same time, challenging game experience. Movement is assigned to the I, J, K and L buttons or the direction arrows on your keyboard,to help move the player around the field.

Throughout each entry in the series, the developers add more features to change up and enhance the playing experience.

In the original release, Return Man is a straight forward game. You can run left, right and forward, but in later versions, stages are added.

Return Man 2 offers some different options including a mud bowl version of the game as well as a zombie version, where the defense is replaced by zombies.

In the third entry in the series, Return Man 3, while still having the regular version of the game, also comes in a season version, where you play week to week, with each having different conditions.

Return Man 4 Linebacker, changes the scope of the game, putting you on the other side of the kickoff. This time, you have to stop the runner, playing as the defense. This adds an interesting dynamic to the game that increases the enjoyment of the game.

Return Man 5, a sequel to the linebacker mode found in Return Man 4, adds different stages to the gameplay to bring different challenges to the gameplay and increase the difficulty

Finally, the last entry in the series, Return Man Wideout, put you in the position of your favorite wide receiver to break free from your defender and catch a pass for a touchdown.

With routes to run and defenders to break away from, Wideout offers and new and albeit sometimes frustrating game experience.

If you're a football fan like I am and want a quick and easy web based game to play to pass the time, The Return Man series offers enough challenges and enjoyment for you to come back to the gridiron again and again.